guess i'm doing fine
2004-10-05 at 1:58 p.m.

there's a quote that goes something like this... "did i listen to pop music because i was sad, or was i sad because i listened to pop music?"

story of my life.

i just spent the majority of my morning cleaning my fish tank. absolutely disgusting. it's huge, so to clean the entire thing i have to empty all of the water first by carrying a small bucket back and forth between my room and the bathroom. i knew it was time to clean it when i couldn't find one of my fish anymore. i lifted up a rock and there he was. disgusting.

anyways, it's done, and my fish are happy.

i went to binghamton for the night this past saturday. it's absolutely breathtaking there. the campus is set within a nature reserve, with all of these amazing trees, and the whole place is hills.

today is mine and mitch's 2 year anniversary as well.

when i went and visited him, he reminded me of why i've gone through all of this. i told him about the whole killing myself incident (hah) and he started to cry telling me "don't you ever do that to me." this of course isn't why i love him, but it seems worth mentioning. but, i love him because we sat up and talked about everything and he listens so well. and he udnerstand just as well. and i guess i just really miss him and wish that he were home and things were easy.

it doesn't seem like it's going to be easy with him for a very long time.

but, anyways, i want to get in some tv time before i head to work. i wish i hadn't fucked everything up by staying home. the more i visit people at school, the more discontent i am when i come home.

so, yea, tv.

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