..trying to be lately
2004-11-01 at 11:44 p.m.

then i see you standing there, wanting more from me, and all i can do is try

a few entries back i promised you (whoever you is) that the next time i went on a diaryland sabatical, i would make sure when i came back that i had made some sort of important progress.

and i have.

mitch and i broke up. and, i can only give my word that i am doing okay. and i am being so strong. and, there are no words to explain it to you, except to tell you that it's something i feel inside me. a huge weight has been lifted out of my life.

and i'm starting this whole new journey on my own. and, it just doesn't hurt very much this time around. in hindsight, i see my mistakes, but i also know that i wasn't wrong in loving him and doing what i did. i knew i would get everything in order and make it work in my own time.

i think a big part of it all is his being so far away. i know so little about his life now, and that's actually a wonderful thing right now.

im actually extremely overtired still from this halloween weekend, so it's about time i go to bed. night and love to all of you.

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